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About Us

My name is Tim Clark,  and I am absolutely passionate about Motocross. I started riding from an early age, and racing from 1987. After many successful years competing at ‘schoolboy’ level, I won numerous local and regional club championships up until the age of 16, when you then begin Adult MX.

I have represented Great Britain on 2 occasions, competing in the ACU TEAM and I was the 1992 ACU British Junior MX Champion, in my first season in Adult competition.

With my dad Geoff as my mechanic we competed in the British Championships for 6 years, retiring at the end of 1998, after racing 125,250 & 500cc 2 Stroke bikes, with varying degrees of success against professionally equipped teams and riders such as Stefan Everts, Rob Herring, Paul Malin, Dave Thorpe, Kurt Nicholl and Jamie Dobb, to name drop but a few!! It ceratinly was a ‘stacked’ field and a golden era for MX both on the WORLD & BRITISH scene and I was very proud to achieve TOP 20 finishes and break into the top 15 on occasion! (Not bad for a privateer)


I returned to the sport to race for ‘fun’ in 2003 & 2004 winning local club championships, but found that the sport had now moved onto 4-Stroke motorcycles!!! (Big change lol)


We returned to racing again in 2013 and haven’t looked back since, enjoying every bit of our time in MX, winning the NGR CHAMPIONSHIP in 2013,2015 & 2016. This is primarily based in the Eastern and Midland centres.


I have previously qualified as an ACU COACH and have done varying amounts of coaching over the last 10 years, helping develop ‘riders’ into ‘racers’…..safely! I have always known that this ‘gap’ exists in the MX coaching fraternity, as there are so many TOP RIDERS with a world of professional awards and achievements to their name……however I believe that just because your a ‘great rider’, does not necessarily mean your guaranteed to be a great ‘coach’! (Look at footballers who very rarely make top club managers)

SO ENOUGH ABOUT MY ‘PAST’ – Let me tell you about the futute and MOTO-X-WORKSHOPS (MXW) Brought to you by Tim Clark Racing!

MXW – Has been established to provide a ‘Training Course’ with a ‘WORKSHOP’ element involving the participants learning basic and essential bike maintenance and set up .


We have superb facilities and secure premises available to offer the participants a professional environment. This will encourage them to learn, absorb and retain as much as possible about the sport, from the 2 day courses provided.

The MXW facility has been purposely developed and will provide an excellent opportunity for any MX buisness, to be associated with. (Product based sales potential, already secured PUTOLINE, APICO, MICHELIN, ARAI ,LEAT, BELL, RFX, ACERBIS, DID, HINSON, VERTEX, ATHENA, NGK, TALON, FORMA, FLY, PROCARBON, PRO-GREEN MX & DANGER-UK)

I am qualified FITNESS PROFESSIONAL working in the industry since the age of 16 and currently teaching SPINNING exercise classes 4x per week, for my own ‘fitness’! So I am not only supplying MX coaching and ‘workshop’ facilities but also the COMPLETE PACKAGE!


FITNESS TRAINING routines, programes, DIET & NUTRITION as well as INJURY REHAB advice. The future plans for MXW have the facility catering for ON-SITE fitness training.(Watch this space for updates)

I hope that this has tempted you to give it a go…….remember that you only GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN, so if you really do want to know ‘how to do it right’ then why not attend a course and learn from my MX EXPERIENCE!

Regards – Tim Clark.